My Review of Heir of Merlin: Serene’s Awakening (Book 1)

Heir of Merlin by Q.S. Khan (Book 1 in the series)

OMG!!! This book is pure magic. I could not put it down. The author’s writing is beautiful and effortless. I felt every emotion, could imagine every scene so vividly. Q.S. Khan built up the suspense inch by inch, which was so perfectly done, with so much skill and technique. That special love hate relationship she played out between Serene and Blake was simply gorgeous and breathtaking. I could feel Serene falling deeper and deeper for this handsome swine of a man!!!

I particularly felt connected to Serene when Q.S. delved into her mental health, following the string of family tragedies at the start of the novel. Serene’s character was so ordinary and believable, but yet so extraordinary and unbelievable. She had so many layers and dimensions, which I loved.
It did not surprise me that Serene was related to Merlin. I got that early on, but it was the way Q.S. lead us to this conclusion that was so enchantingly wonderful.
I could go in talking about this book for the next year. It has made a lasting impression on me and the characters are lingering in my memory. I simply cannot wait to read book 2.
Bravo! Superb! Buy this book NOW! You won’t regret it!!!!! 
No surprise that this book hit the bestseller list on Amazon!! 


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