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Born in the early 1980s, Michelle Diana Lowe grew up relatively poor, within inner-city London. As a kid, she always had a love of words and stories. Michelle was a lonely and somewhat friendless child, but surrounded herself with books for comfort. The local library and classic novels were her best friends, her escapism from a world that did not quite understand her. 

Being severely bullied at primary school and experiencing family problems aged nine, Michelle dug deep, and found that, tapping into her passion for words and writing, really helped to repair her soul and aided the healing process. Barely ten years old and a voracious reader –  reading Judy Blume novels such as – Deenie, Blubber, Tiger Eyes and Are You There God It’s Me Margaret? Michelle decided to pen her very first novel, which was around 30,000 words in length. The deep satisfaction she had when finishing it, told her that she needed, not just wanted, to be a writer.

In her late teens and early 20s, Michelle studied English Literature with Philosophy at Roehampton University. Whilst doing her Bachelor of Arts degree, she felt inspired by bestselling novelists, Toni Morrison and Zadie Smith. Lowe absorbed and was mesmerised by, their stories and experiences. As her writing style developed, the positive influences of Toni and Zadie, helped infuse culture and society into her creative work. After graduating from university with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature with Philosophy, Lowe started working as a Children’s Centre Administrator in East London.

Making an appearance on British Chatshow The Chrissy B Show and gaining features in The Voice Newspaper and The Newham Recorder, helped to make her more visible as a author. It was in January 2015 that her first career break came. Michelle was signed by US Publisher UrbanEdge for her debut novel UnShatter Me. Shocked but thrilled, she acknowledged that she’d fulfilled her dream of becoming a published author. UnShatter Me was published by UrbanEdge Publishing in August 2015. Lowe is the first, and only, UK author to be published by this American company.

In August 2016, Michelle was nominated for her first ever indie award – the SIBA Award (Summer Indie Book Award) in the New Adult Fiction Category for her debut novel UnShatter Me.

Lowe was signed by Creativia Publishing for her second novel Broken Roots. She feels privileged to be a part of The Creativia family. As an author with urban foundations, Michelle feels that she has a commitment to bring more diversity into all her books and into the publishing industry. In her writing, Michelle also has a desire to raise awareness of issues around young mental health and children’s welfare, and strives to help make a difference in people’s lives.

Most recently, Michelle reached the final in Read Free.ly’s Award – 50 Best Indie Books of 2016. Finishing the competiton at number 31, Michelle’s second novel Broken is officially one of the best indie books of 2016.




8 thoughts on “About The Author

  1. Hey Michelle! 🙂 I love the setting to your blog, one of a stand out from many that i have across. I share a heart connection with you after reading your about post, know that being a new blogger has found me have an attachment with you already even before reading your main posts. Looking forward! – Cezane 🙂

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    1. Hello Cezane & Michelle,

      Thank you for your lovely message. I am so touched to hear that you feel a connection to me and my blog after reading my ‘About Me’ section. I try to put myself and my feelings into it when I write.

      I look forward to reading your posts and talking to you more on here.

      If you want to check out my debut novel UnShatter Me, the link is here: http://www.amazon.com/UnShatter-Me-Michelle-Diana-Lowe-ebook/dp/B017AC8T6M

      All my books raise awareness of young mental health.

      Have you written any books? If you have, I’m sure they are great.

      Best wishes


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      1. I am in the middle of writing a book and its nowhere near finished yet 😛 I will check out your book since I feel very strongly about mental health and would love to read what is it about. Hope you enjoy reading through the posts on PsychedelicBay too 🙂 – Michelle


      2. Hey Michelle,

        I would be very interested to read your book once it is finished. Please keep me posted 😊 Just to keep it brief, and not give too much away, my book is about a young woman’s journey to recovery. It is a deep, honest and compelling novel that explores mental health and childhood trauma. I hope you like it! 😊

        It’s so cool to meet another Michelle on WordPress! 😊

        I would really appreciate it if you could like my Facebook Page, which is: http://www.facebook.com/MichelleDianaLowe. I’d be more than happy to like your page too.

        Yes, definitely, I will be reading more of your wonderful posts. I find them very engaging.

        All the best

        Michelle 😊

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      3. That’s a very interesting concept since I think there aren’t a lot of people in today’s society that understand much about mental health and only way to help them is to take them to a journey with someone who has a mental illness. I will certainly like your page on Facebook 🙂 I have one too, its http://www.facebook.com/psychedelicbay

        Thank you for your your kind words and indeed its rather exciting to find another Michelle on WordPress 😀

        Keep in touch and best wishes to you too


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      4. Thank you, Michelle. My aim is to improve people’s understanding of mental health by letting them delve into the life of a young woman who has a mental illness. Alena’s journey is a momentous one and shows her bravery and courage.

        I’ll definitely like your Facebook page, thank you for the link.

        Yes, it would be great to keep in touch. I will continue reading your wonderful blog posts. They are so inspiring. 😊

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