Young Minds


I feel so good today, because I’ve just made a donation to Young Minds to support young people who have mental health and their families. Experiencing depression and anxiety at the age of nine, I understand how vital it is that young people with mental health have the support they need.

By making my donation to such a worthy cause, I’ve just helped to save a young person’s life, helped to improve a young person’s quality of life or helped a parent to learn what treatment their child needs. Perhaps I could have assisted with all three.
In the UK there are 850,000 young people who have been diagnosed with a mental health condition. These young people deserve to be reassured, guided and supported and so do their families.

Young Minds, who I support, are a UK mental health charity who help with this process by:

  • Empowering young people

  • Providing a helpline for parents so they can get the right help and support for children and young people

  • Offering training and support for professionals who work with or/and come into contact with young people

  • Producing leaflets, newsletters and essential information on the topic of young mental health

  • Working towards changing attitudes of mental health and influencing policies

I understand, on a very deep level, how much young minds matter and so do young lives.

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Young Minds, the U.K. Mental Health Charity, can be found at the following website: