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This is an amazing competition to win a signed copy of my novel Broken Roots and a customised bookmark. (UK entrants only).

Michelle Diana Lowe

There is a fantastic prize to win at the end of this post, so please read until the end! Broken Roots, written by London based author Michelle Diana Lowe, follows a teenage life plagued by fa…

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UnShatter Me – Excerpt

Here is a sneak peak of UnShatter Me. Enjoy!




The comedy night has started. Whoopie, oh such fun. I do not know why I am subjecting myself to this torture for a second day running. Perhaps this sense of loss inside me is driving me forward, as it longs to be filled, and wants so desperately for me to feel whole again. My aching soul is yearning for progression, change. It wants me to feel human again; breathing, eating, loving, living. It is compelling me to move on, and finally shed the scales of my past. But my head is resistant, and it fights itself in a deadly sea of horror. My brain is slowly sinking, drowning in the yesteryears. I might never recover from that dark period in my life. I am forever tarnished. Forever broken.

As I cautiously approach the food table outside the comedy tent, a place where I can get a well-needed sugar rush, I notice him. Him! That nasty guy from yesterday. What the hell is he doing here? Unexpectedly, our eyes connect. He stares at me, his penetrative eyes pierce straight through me. Interest, rather than hatred is fixed on his face. I shiver, a little unnerved by this guy and his intensity.

Quickly, I turn in the opposite direction and walk briskly towards the field, preparing to escape. A funny feeling grips my stomach all of a sudden. I get the impression that he is following me.

“Let’s start again.” His voice races in my ears.

Annoyed, I spin around. My feet bounce slightly on the grass. “Am I not too English for you today?”

“Sorry about that,” he says, looking down at his feet. “I didn’t mean to offend you.”

“Yes you did,” I answer bitterly, ordering his eyes to look at mine.

“Okay, maybe I did.”

I laugh contemptuously. “So, why are we doing this then?”

“Doing what?”

“Talking. Is there a point?”

“C’mon,” he says, “be civil.”

“Why should I?”

“I’d like to get to know you, okay?”

“Really?” I scowl.

“Erm, well… I’m not used to talking to… posh girls. But I checked your Facebook profile last night, and you seem different, sweet.”

“So now you are stalking me, great! Exactly what I need right now,” I grunt.

“I am not stalking you.”

“Are you saying that to convince yourself, or me?” Rudely, I kiss my teeth.

His eyes narrow, his face scrunching up in anger. I can tell I am pushing his buttons.


You have just read an excerpt from UnShatter Me. To read the whole novel, buy it directly from Amazon. Click on the sign below to take you to Michelle’s Amazon page.


Re-release of UnShatter Me

I’m very pleased to announce that my debut novel UnShatter Me will be re-released by Creativia Publishing. New year, new publisher. What more could an author want than a new release at the start of 2017?

Look at my book cover? It’s fresh and new 😀


UnShatter Me is a really important book about young mental health and a teenage girl moving forward after a traumatic experience. Why not try this gritty yet heartfelt New Adult novel?

It’s available on Amazon from January 1st 2017. Vist my Amazon author page for further details:



Book Launch Announcement!

Richard M. Ankers - Author

This is another of those fantastic occasions when I can give something back to a fellow writer. Michelle is a wonderful new author from the same publishing house as myself, Creativia. To anybody in the London area of the UK, I would encourage them to check the following out. To anybody else interested in Urban Fiction, check out Michelle’s book, you wouldn’t just have the enjoyment of reading something fantastic but also of supporting a  rising talent and genuinely wonderful person.

Thank you


IMG_2236.jpegBroken Roots by Michelle Diana Lowe


After her father’s invention earns her family millions, sixteen-year-old Teisha Cole moves from London to Florida. Uprooted from the place she loves, Teisha now lives in a broken home full of secrets and lies.

Following the death of Teisha’s grandmother, her fractured family is replanted in rural England, where a kingpin and his clan are laying in wait. What ensues is a dangerous…

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Foster Care

It is so important that the world has foster carers. In any give year, there are 69,000 children in the UK who are placed in foster care and need someone other than their parents to take care of them.

Read this story about the amazing work that foster carers do. This is Itiesha’s story, a 32 year old foster carer from Bristol, UK:

I Became a Foster Carer at 26