Danielle Urban,


‘Broken Roots by Michelle Diana Lowe is an intriguing read. From the beginning to end Michelle Diana Lowe captures readers’ attention with this suspenseful yet dysfunctional tale. A young girl’s home and life immediately change when they move to a new place. Upon moving, there’s a mystery and threat that hangs in the air. Keeping readers wondering what next will happen. Young Teisha, takes it upon herself to survive. Her family is in great danger from a deadly group. Secrets and lies may just destroy everything Teisha had or ever knew. Michelle Diana Lowe is a talented writer. Her novel brings forth strong issues that readers everywhere can easily relate to. Family life and life’s struggles are real issues. This brilliant story brings to life characters and issues that we all struggle with… I enjoyed following the main character as the story developed. Truly, a must read for all. Overall, I highly recommend Broken Roots to readers everywhere.’




‘Broken Roots is a novel about teenager Teisha Cole’s life.Β At fourteen and a half years old, Teisha is uprooted from her happy life in the UK, and relocated to the sunshine state of Florida.The main character reminisces over her happy life in London and her subsequent angst at the way her life has progressed since moving to the United States.So unfolds a tale of family turmoil; violent parents who both nuture alcohol problems.There is a shallow, lonely mother figure who embarrasses Teisha with her materialistic, money driven persona and her addiction to social media. Her father is no better; frequently absent, cold and temperamental. Teisha is overjoyed to be reunited with her quirky, home loving Gran, on a holiday back to Britain.

Despite the traumatic themes which this novel deals with, Teisha Cole remains a true heroine: brave, feisty and intelligent.Β Broken Roots is an exquisitely written novel, full of emotive description. It explores the themes of corruption, power and wealth and childhood abuse with sensitivity and fearlessness. I look forward to reading more work from this very talented author.’




‘When I started Broken Roots I wasn’t sure what to expect and as each chapter unfolded I found that feeling continued. Nothing about Broken Roots is predictable, every twist is surprising and each character is complex and mysterious. Teisha is a young girl from a rich family, but she’s also an incredibly intelligent, independent girl who cherishes her grandmother. She narrates the collapse of her family and her journey from life in a mansion to life on the streets. But, and this was a huge joy for me, she doesn’t behave like an annoying teenager in a teenage drama. When a street kid tries to get her to go with him she stands tall, when her mother tries to manipulate her she doesn’t stand for it. Teisha is a strong black female and her narration is poetic and heartfelt. A must read for fans of YA Urban fiction.’


Mira, Books Are Forever Blog

‘Alena goes through a real journey in this book, and I enjoyed followed her along the way and getting to know her. The characters are great, and although the book touches upon some dark themes, it’s still an amazing read.’

Macy Younkin, Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Books

‘UnShatter Me really satisfied my New Adult craving…Β Overall, UnShatter Me was a grittier NA love story that I ended up enjoying quite a bit.’


‘Brilliant storyline – uplifting and moving. Wonderful characters – feisty and brave. Loved this novel, unique and captivating. Extremely well written. Looking forward to more work fromΒ this author.’


‘This book addresses a serious and mostly un-spoken about issue with class and respect. It was a thoroughly enjoyable read!’

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