Never stop believing

Never give up on your dreams, even if they seem so far out of your reach. Take one step at a time and keep doing what you are doing. No mountain is too high to climb. Nothing is unreachable. You will get to where you need to be one day.

As a writer, I still have dreams – to be a better writer, to find a bigger audience, to touch people’s lives.

Just as you will keep going, so will I.

#BelieveInYourself. 💕



What are your long term goals as a writer?

My second novel Broken Roots reached number 25 on the bestsellers list in the Urban Fiction category on Amazon UK. I am so incredibly pleased! It has been my long term goal to make it on a bestsellers list, and now I’ve done it!! I lasted about 8 hours on the list, but boy, did it feel good.

If you are a writer, what long term goals are you working towards? I’d love to hear from you.